Please Stop Apologizing a Police Officer’s Letter to Rioters

Another letter regarding Vancouver rioters and their public apologies, this time from a police officer.

“Dear 2011 Vancouver Stanley Cup Rioters,

Please stop saying you’re sorry. Stop posting YouTube videos begging for forgiveness. Stop writing letters asking that society cut you some slack and leave you alone.

While you were drunk and flipping cars, I was driving with all of my emergency equipment on to get into Vancouver. While you were throwing anything you could get your hands on at the police, I was pressure testing my APR and standing in the middle of the tear gas. While you and thousands of others disgraced Vancouver and its surrounding population, I stood shoulder to shoulder with a couple hundred men and women, whom I trust my life with, ready to address your indiscretions.

You came up to me like you owned the streets in your drunken stupor, thrust your middle fingers in my face and shouted obscenities; I didn’t snap you in half.

Actions speak louder than words.

You started “harmless” fires. You torched other men and women’s cars whom you’d never met and never did you wrong. You assaulted firemen as they arrived to try and deal with your “mistakes”. You took limited, valuable emergency resources away from good people who needed them. You endangered more lives by tying up emergency services than you ever considered.

You started fights. You stabbed people you’d never met because they somehow made you angry. You gave men and women trying to protect property life altering concussions. You brought paramedics into the tear gas and exhausted them trying to save people they’d never met.

You showed up to hospital emergency rooms crying because you’d been exposed to tear gas. You got obnoxious and demanded to be treated like you were somehow dying. You knew it was a riot, you chose not to leave, you chose to stick around and breathe the tear gas in. You took nurses and doctors away from people who needed their care to live. People they’d never met but work tirelessly to save. You demanded to be treated as if you were better than the rest of society.

You’d tell me that the emergency services personnel I speak of are paid to do this job and chose to be there. You’re right. We give a damn about people we’ve never met and property that isn’t ours, that’s why we do what we do. You disgust us.

What brought a tear to my eye, after the gas had cleared, was standing in the middle of an intersection at about 3am the only people I’d seen for the last 30 minutes were other police officers, until a shop keeper brought us a case of water. Then I saw a random person with a broom clearing the sidewalk. I had a duty to respond, the citizens of Vancouver immediately afterward could have just left it up to those paid to deal with it. They didn’t just stand by, they came out in force and cleaned up after your indiscretions. Everyone I saw that early morning thanked me, I was only doing my job. I have the utmost respect for all of the people from Vancouver and the surrounding areas that came downtown and volunteered to clean up after you.

You owe Vancouver and the surrounding population more than mere words. Don’t you dare ask for our forgiveness without taking responsibility. You can’t fix life altering injuries with an “I’m Sorry”. You can’t repay someone’s car loan with a YouTube video. You ask that people leave you and your family alone but you offer no way to replace priceless losses.

You’ll sleep soundly in your bed tonight because men and women like me will always be there to deal with your poor choices. You have no idea how fortunate you are, even after we arrest and charge you. Even though you disgust me, if you call for me in the middle of the night I’ll respond. I’ll protect your life and property because it’s right and it’s what I do.

The evening of June 15, 2011 fellow emergency services personnel, my brothers and sisters, left our families at home and while grossly out numbered stood to fight. The morning of June 16, 2011 the true heroes emerged to volunteer their time and restored my faith in humanity.

Actions speak louder than words. What are you going to do about that?

— a police officer from the suburbs, who was called in to serve and protect on that night; a proud Vancouverite.

The source of this quoted letter was from Letters from the Front Lines on Tumblr.


Last Wednesday Night a Katy Perry Parody for Vancouver Riot

A very well made parody of Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night song regarding the Vancouver Stanley Cup Finals riot… well written and a nice music video, VW likes!


Dustin Anderson Vancouver Riot Video From CBC News

News video from CBC of Dustin Anderson from Vancouver 2011 riot, taunting police and punching a fire fighter.


Vancouver Riot Kissing Couple Seeking Endorsement Deals

So the “famous riot kissing couple” Australian Scott Jones and his Canadian girlfriend Alexandra Thomas are looking for endorsements, apparently they went ahead and hired a PR Firm.

When I first heard about this I was little annoyed, I mean to be totally honest I’m pretty sick of hearing about these two… go away! It’s amazing what one picture can do, and even though I can’t stand this couple, I can’t lie, if I was in their shoes and some company was dumb enough to offer me money I would take it.

If you want to read more about this from a real news source and not some idiot blogger such as myself, you can checkout The Star and Herald Sun they have articles about it.


Vancouver Riot Kissing Couple Knocked to The Ground Video

Vancouver’s famous riot kissing couple gets knocked to the ground by police on what looks to be Seymour Street close to the Telus building. Why are they hanging around so late into the riot and so close to riot police?


What Tim Thomas Said During Stanley Cup Finals Handshake

What Tim Thomas really said during the Stanley Cup Finals handshake… real audio!


Vancouver Riot The Wrath of Social Media

Some are questioning the role social media has played in the wake of the Vancouver 2011 Riot. Many claiming it’s becoming a form of vigilantism and is punishing these individuals through public shaming before they even have a chance to pass through the legal system, in fact in many cases before they are even arrested or known to police for that matter.

It’s an interesting debate when you see sites such as Publicshamingeternus, Canucks Riot 2011, and Facebook’s Vancouver Riot Pics just to name a few popup within hours after the riot. It’s crazy to think by the time some of these rioters woke up the next day their names and photos were all over the web linking them to their crimes.

I am by no means an expert on social media in society and how it will effect the individuals that have been publicly shamed for their actions in this riot. But one thing is certain, social media isn’t going anywhere and it’s not the first time it has been used to publicly shame someone(s) for lewd acts and criminal activity.

It’s pretty clear the evening of June 15, 2011 many didn’t realize this and I think the one good thing we can take from that night is they know now. Social media is proving to be another deterrent to those thinking of engaging in criminal activity, especially in something as public as a riot.


E.R. Nurse Thoughts on a Riot Instigator’s Apology

E.R. nurse’s thoughts on one of the riot instigator’s letter of apology.


Just because you can string an apologetic sentence together does not mean you are sorry. Perhaps i should make you aware of the consequences of your action. To you, it’s just an overturned car that you set on fire. To me, it’s walking into an overflowing ER and helping treat a girl with a severe asthma attack because she was exposed to the noxious, acrid smoke of a burning vehicle. To her, it was just a chance to be a part of a group cheering for her team. Little did she know that later on, we were thinking of sticking a breathing tube down her throat if her condition did not improve.

To you (yes, I am lumping you with all the douchebag rioters in the ER that night) it’s a chance to congregate in the ER waiting room, pounding on the triage window demanding to be seen for teargas exposure and cuts from looting and fighting, while posturing and bragging about how you kicked the crap out of somebody and smashed shit up. To me, it’s taking my time away from the little old quiet lady having chest pain or taking time away from the person you “shit-kicked” for trying to stop the looting.

To you, it’s just a fight. To me, it’s the ER social worker looking for a teddybear to console a 4 year old girl because she just witnessed her dad get a broken nose as he was trying to get his daughter out of the hotzone.

To you, it’s writing a letter saying “you will do whatever it takes to help clean the city.” To me, it’s walking home after a long shift and seeing all these people at 7:30 in the morning armed with garbage bags cleaning up YOUR mess and realizing that these people have more class in their pinky finger than you could ever muster in your whole life.

To me, it’s getting home to shower, only to have my elderly neighbour knock on my door and ask me if he should make an appointment to this doctor because he was experiencing shortness of breath which later turned to chest pain in the morning. He did not think about leaving his window open as he went to bed at 9 o’clock. The smoke from all the burning cars made it to our building, into his room and triggered his asthma, which then raised his heart rate, which then became a small heart attack. I asked him why he didn’t go to the ER, and he answered, “I turned on the tv this morning and saw the rioting, I did not want to be a burden.” To you, it’s just an overturned car that you set on fire.

Why am I blaming you for all this? Because you are the instigator. You ask people to leave your family, friends and co-workers alone?! I think they need to know how much of a colossal douche you are. Remember that your parents worked themselves to the bone so they can move to this country and give you your god-given right to flip cars over and set them on fire.

You, Tim Kwong, are a douchtard. Apology not accepted.

— from a E.R. nurse

The source of this quoted letter was from Letters from the Front Lines on Tumblr.


Vancouver Riot Suspect Tim Kwong Lights First Truck on Fire

Tim Kwong according to a facebook page appears to be the name of the man who reportedly lit the first car on fire during the riot turned himself into the police Thursday afternoon (June 16, 2011).

Watch him lighting a truck on fire 51 seconds into this Global National video…

A letter of apology from his facebook page reads as…

“Hey Everyone ! The status is : I Turned myself in to the VPD today on Jun 16th 12pm I am now being charged on 4 counts. I am Truly Sorry for what i have done !!! I have no excuse for my actions during the Riot. To my Friends, Family, Coworkers, and of course all of Vancouver and BC i am SORRY for what i have done.

I would like to say on my behalf that I LOVE VANCOUVER ! I’ve been Born n Raised here all my life !! and that This Town means everything to me !!! again i understand that my actions caused did not show any of that ! But i hope you one day see that i do care about this town and my friends n family and this is NOT like me !!

I am ashamed at what i have done, I am ashamed of being a canucks fan and vancouverrite. I know i may never gain the respect of this town again. But I PROMISE that i will do whatever i can to make this up !! I am a big believer in Cleaning up your mess !! I WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to make things right ! I hope this will insite some of the other rioters to do the right thing and turn themselves in !!!! I will do whatever it takes to help out and clean this town up and do what i can to prevent actions like this from ever happening in our town again.

I know I deserve all the hate !! but please be respectful and don’t hate on any of my friends or family or co workers since these actions are only caused by ME and ME only !!!! Again SORRY VANCOUVER ! SORRY BC !!”