Vancouver Riot Suspect Tim Kwong Lights First Truck on Fire

Tim Kwong according to a facebook page appears to be the name of the man who reportedly lit the first car on fire during the riot turned himself into the police Thursday afternoon (June 16, 2011).

Watch him lighting a truck on fire 51 seconds into this Global National video…

A¬†letter of apology from his facebook page reads as…

“Hey Everyone ! The status is : I Turned myself in to the VPD today on Jun 16th 12pm I am now being charged on 4 counts. I am Truly Sorry for what i have done !!! I have no excuse for my actions during the Riot. To my Friends, Family, Coworkers, and of course all of Vancouver and BC i am SORRY for what i have done.

I would like to say on my behalf that I LOVE VANCOUVER ! I’ve been Born n Raised here all my life !! and that This Town means everything to me !!! again i understand that my actions caused did not show any of that ! But i hope you one day see that i do care about this town and my friends n family and this is NOT like me !!

I am ashamed at what i have done, I am ashamed of being a canucks fan and vancouverrite. I know i may never gain the respect of this town again. But I PROMISE that i will do whatever i can to make this up !! I am a big believer in Cleaning up your mess !! I WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to make things right ! I hope this will insite some of the other rioters to do the right thing and turn themselves in !!!! I will do whatever it takes to help out and clean this town up and do what i can to prevent actions like this from ever happening in our town again.

I know I deserve all the hate !! but please be respectful and don’t hate on any of my friends or family or co workers since these actions are only caused by ME and ME only !!!! Again SORRY VANCOUVER ! SORRY BC !!”


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  1. The Equalizer - and I WILL Equalize

    As a Chinese Canadian whose parents immigrated here, Tim Kwong, who cares if you were born here, you took advantage of the luxury and freedom you have here. You took it for granted. Your parents probably came from Hong Kong – which lets clarify is red communist China. You would be sentenced to death in China for doing what you did. You and yes your parents are to blame. They completely failed at raising you – no excuses.

    Dont be surprised if potential employers, and every employer you ever work for in Canada or the U.S. will know who you are and what you did. How would you like it if we crashed your wedding banquet one day and turned your tables over? Oh yes – we can find this out about you. If you truly are sorry and you do want to make it up to society then you should go and move your sorry ass back to communist China – your roots – and live there so you can at least have a gauranteed job, some rice, and black and white TV to watch.

    • Kewld00d

      Your whole comment is tinged with racism and it sounds like you haven’t been out in awhile. His heritage and culture had nothing to do with his crime and attacking it shouldn’t be tolerated. What if I said all those white guys who rioted (of which there were probably more) should be sent back to Ireland, Britain, etc.? Also attacking the parents’ parenting style, completely uncalled for. Also, not sure if you noticed but Hong Kong is completely different from mainland China and is very, very modern. Please stop using stereotypes from the 50s, Hong Kong isn’t a fishing village any more.

      And please write your comments to the Province next time, I think they would appreciate them more.

      • Janice

        I agree with kewldood…
        You are wrong Equalizer and you are scary… Your attitude is scarier than the riot itself.
        I don’t agree with what Tim Kwong did, and do not care to even remark about his apology, but your statement is more dangerous in its “beliefs” than what Tim did. It’s an attitude of “blame” and scapegoating that causes the worst in human beings.

  2. Charleston Taffy

    TIM KWONG DID NOT LIGHT THE FIRST FIRE!!!! Watch these videos, then take this blog down…

    1. This was is the first car fire with the real instigators, with the green truck that Tim set on fire still intact. Tim Kwong is nowhere and the riot already started:

    2. This shows the involvement of Tim Kwong, from start to finish (He walks in at 1:50 into the clip), as he walks into a crowd that is well into the rioting:

    • C James

      Oh sorry. He just lit the green truck on fire. Not really a reason to take this down.


      Is that more appropriate?

  3. Mamanova

    This was a ridiculous and stupid act for which there is no excuse. My concern, those two little words which are so often used – “I’m sorry”

    In todays world these words fall out of people’s mouths without any thought or remorse attached and that somehow that should be enough. We are simply taught as children to ‘say’ the words if you’ve done some kind of harm, but not the why of it. It is so commonplace to hear these words today that they no longer hold any real meaning what-so-ever.

    The intentional, violent actions of this stupid boy, and many other stupid boys and girls did irreperable damage to our city’s reputation and embarassed the responsible and hardworking citizens of Vancouver.

    Saying “I’m sorry” is not enough

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